Apocalyptic Dream: 18+ Otome in Zombie Apocalypse

Created by Midnight Springs Deco

Preorder store for ApoYume! This is to help unlock stretch goals along the way for the game's production. A physical items preorder store will be available via Etsy soon! Profits from those sales will go towards unlocking these goals as well. **PLEASE NOTE: due to BK transaction fees and shipping costs not initially being counted in these goals (but are now lumped together via this platform), these goalposts are a bit short of what it will actually take to unlock each one.** *1ST STRETCH - UNLOCKED!* •2nd outfits for main cast •Pajamas for main cast •Additional hairstyles for zombie bases * 2ND STRETCH - UNLOCKED! * •Bonus epilogue chapter. •Elderly and child zombie sprite bases. (Currently only adults are included) •Underwear for twins and LIs (self-funded if not reached) 3RD STRETCH - reached at $23,100 •9 additional tracks to OST - 1 theme per LI. Backers would all receive this for free with the original 6 included. 4TH STRETCH - reached at $25,700 •JP voice recording of all sound bytes. •11x14" Sayuri print with zombie. 5TH STRETCH - reached at $27,700 •Bonus unlockable flashback chapter following Noah at start of outbreak (longer than most unlockables included in game by default. Also comes with CG). •Sprites for unlockable flashback chapters already included in base game of childhood versions of main cast. •HANAKO LI ROUTE FOR MIKURU. •Partial animation for several backgrounds. 6TH STRETCH - reached at $36,200 •Fever Dream Edition! Experience ApoYume as a bizarre dark humor hellscape with pink blood and semi-fashionable zombies. Rated T rather than M. •New merch and add-ons possible in the theme of the new version's colorways. •10 new ID card slots become available. •New graffiti slots become available, if sold out. •This is an entirely new, separate game, it can be swapped out for a key to the original title but will not come as a free bonus. 7TH STRETCH - reached at $39,100 •Expedited completion of DLCs! In DLC 1, survive as Chloe, a survivor stuck at uni with 2 of her peers and a professor. In DLC 2, survive as Suguri, a nurse with her coworker and a patient who arrived at the hospital with his sickly girlfriend. If this is unlocked, backers all will receive the DLCs for FREE. If we somehow pass all before the game's completion, we will see about releasing full Japanese translation as a patch down the line.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

About 65% funded! Over 2 weeks left - let's keep momentum going!
9 months ago – Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 08:14:22 AM

Hi all! Things are going well! 🎉

Campaign progress update  

We've got over 450 campaign followers, and almost 200 backers! That's amazing, thank you so much. 

It's extremely important that we hit base goal so that stretch goals can be hosted on backerkit. If we don't hit base goal, no one is charged and no funds are collected, so backerkit will not be utilized either. As long as the base campaign goal of $16.1k is met, we will be able to chug along towards the stretch goals through the development period. It's really important that we keep momentum going so that it gets there! 

If you know of anywhere or anyone you think might be interested in seeing the campaign,  please do share! Plateau days are a campaign's biggest nightmare, which are entire days with 0% or negative growth through the largest stretch of the campaign, and it's so important that they get powered through. And as a reminder, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, so in addition to no one being charged if this is unsuccessful, no one is charged even upon success until after the campaign ends (in this case, the evening of September 5th). So, if you are a campaign follower and want the game to exist within the next 5 years (this is my last attempt at crowdfunding the majority of dev costs!), please consider backing! 

Game progress update 

So as we are all focusing our energy on keeping the campaign going right now, not much is moving on this front at the moment. As the writer, concept designer, coder, etc. etc. etc. all by myself (I only emphasize this because I received a rather rude and passive-aggressive Kickstarter DM asking whether "the writer" could prove that they are capable of writing 300k words...), I am both doing a lot and doing very little right now, due to still recovering from surgery and managing things online with my merch shop. 

Until this campaign is over, I won't be diving back into making any significant game progress. I have, however, been going back over some of the rough 1st draft writing and correcting and expanding upon things. The current completed word count has increased a little as a result (a few thou) but not by much. I'll keep chipping away at things though, to make sure I don't completely lose momentum. 

Thanks everyone! We can do it - so close this time!


Septums KS by Good Fortune (with myself as collaborator!) + Twitter Takeover!
9 months ago – Sat, Aug 14, 2021 at 05:58:13 AM

Hey everyone, happy Friday!


Firstly, for some reason, the hedge witch add-on disappeared. I found evidence that it had existed through some of the stuff still present in the back end but it must have been accidentally deleted somehow, or something... if anyone wanted to back for the hedge witch tee add-on, the issue is now fixed and it should be visible. 

I added the new outfit design add-ons! Each is priced at $180! There was a character limit, but please rest assured if you do want to have an interesting start to a fashion production journey and purchase one of the two add-ons, I will definitely offer consultation on who to approach and what questions to ask for that. 

Also! I had forgotten to mention in the design-related add-ons that your special credit as "guest designer" will also be a unique discord role for you if you join the server. Since they can't be edited after a backer has pledged, I decided I should let you know in here! Sorry about being a bit disorganized, I'm still getting used to the add-on feature built into KS (though I'm so glad it exists)!

New campaign

The campaign to fund the septums is live! 

Tap the banner to be taken to the campaign!

Let me elaborate more because I'm sure anyone who backed for the Celestia ring here may be confused. Even if the KS above is not fully funded, we will pay for the septums out of pocket - we are just super in love with the samples and excited about them. If you pledged for the Celestia through my campaign, and this is successful, you will get it even if that one is not. We are doing this as a campaign so that we can afford to have multiple colorways made and hopefully we don't have to dip into our other funds to make them, but I promise I won't leave any backers for it here in the lurch! 

I encourage anyone who wants to back the other campaign for the black metal version of Celestia to do so, or to get any of the Twin Snakes ones by Good Fortune! We are also privately working on new designs for stretch goals if everything is funded! I would make sure that 1) you would not get double-charged shipping, and 2) they would ship to you together with what you pledged for from here. Canceling your pledges for it here would not help us reach goal so I know it's confusing that I am offering it in both locations, and for that I apologize. 🤧

Please do not hesitate to message me or drop a comment about combining the pledges if you decide to back the other one as well - but please do so only to me as Good Fortune are not involved in this campaign/the game dev at all and wouldn't be able to answer that. 

Twitter Takeover

Lastly, something fun! 

Over on my Twitter, I will have the LIs taking over the acct throughout the month, ending with the twins. Here is the schedule: 

August 15: Arisa and Kiriko  
August 17: Takuto  
August 19: Ryuu  
August 21: Sayaka
August 23: Sayuri
August 25: Noah
August 27: Atsushi  
August 29: Hanako

August 31st: Mikuru and Toshiro

On each date, I will post a tweet for the Q&A thread! If you have any questions or comments about the characters, be sure to stop by! 

Thanks everyone!! 


Amazing progress!! + possible new add-on?
10 months ago – Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 10:46:51 PM


We are past 50% in under a week and at this point over 1/5 funded of what would be all the way through the Fever Dream Edition goal! That is AMAZING! Thank you! 

Clarification on graffiti 

First before diving into this, because I was asked, I realized I need to clarify that the graffiti add-on can include posters!! If you purchase that add-on intending to use the game as advertising in some fashion (of course, subject to approval), a poster might be appealing. Stickers are also a possibility, it does not just have to be writing/carving/paint on a surface.

New add-on(s)?

I know what you're thinking - there's already way too many lol 

It occured to me that even if people don't want to do a full zombie custom, they might want to design an outfit! I have realized how passionate I am for apparel design through these characters, and I figure some of you may feel the same. This would give you a chance to try your hand at clothing design and potentially pursue it further!

Maybe some would be interested in this as an option? If so,  there would be a non-sprite illustration of the clothing items included, so that you can have the design professionally rendered without blood (lol). 

If this were added, I would also add a reward tier to design outfits for side characters, of which there are *a few* already worked into the script without anything set in stone for their clothing. They would be the same price!

I would connect the designers (backers) with possible manufacturing connections if they would like to pursue that route (maybe even via Kickstarter yourselves!) - I will be doing extensive checks to insure to the best of my ability that the outfits are not plagiarized. (Inspired designs by generic, non-indie items/inspo collages are okay.) You would also get a guest designer credit! 

For zoms, the outfits would be limited to unlocked age ranges, cannot be sexually suggestive for underage sprites, and I would prefer they not be really goofy unless the Fever Dream Edition is unlocked.  For each age range I was planning 3-4 repeat outfits per sex (outfits that reoccur), and if purchased, yours would be a part of that selection

For side characters, I would include in the description the gender and age group of the characters available but not name or context as to not spoil anything. 

So to recap, what would be included: 

For zoms -

  • Recurring outfit design for unlocked age group of zombie sprites (2 poses)
  • Non-specific subject beyond the sex and age (you can choose which matching hairstyle you would prefer out of premade recurring options available)

For side characters

  • Exclusive outfit design for one-time-occuring minor character (1 pose)
  • Very specific pre-named character, first come first serve 
  • Hairstyles, skintone, and eye colors predetermined 

For both

  • Credit as [backer] as well as guest designer 
  • Additional front-view illustration of the clothing separate from any character bases
  • Manufacturer recommendations (I will not organize manufacturing for you)
  • Very limited quantity
  • Cannot be fanart/cosplay

If Fever Dream Edition gets unlocked, that opens the door to a lot more creative, out-of-the-box outfit potentials! For the base game I am really keen on keeping a more somber aesthetic, but if FDE is reached, that absolutely makes way for more dramatic, parody-like designs. (If you'd like clarification on what I'd consider to be too dramatic, feel free to ask - I dress almost solely in alt fashion myself so I'm not very conservative on the matter! Some things would, however, likely take players out of the atmosphere of base game if they saw a zombie default wearing it.)

What do y'all think? Worthwhile or nah? Please leave a comment if you may be interested or think it's a good idea! Conversely, let me know if you think it's a terrible idea lol


AMAZING first 24 hours + Salty Hounds shout-out!
10 months ago – Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 07:01:20 PM

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to see so many of you from the prior campaign! 

The first 24hrs have exceeded my expectations! We are genuinely at a point where I do believe we can make base goal soon! As a first-time game dev I know to temper my expectations as people rightfully will have some skepticism about the capacity of the project, so this level of support makes me so happy. I am very invested in making ApoYume a success not only for myself but for everyone involved. I really want this to be a highlight in their careers for all of the VAs and artists, as I have really enjoyed working with them.

If you do want ApoYume to be released within the timeframe outlined in the campaign info, please make sure to share with anyone you think may be interested! Unfortunately it has been receiving some homophobic backlash as of late last night, which has been stressful 🤧 

On an unrelated note, look at this cute VN!! I backed it a week ago and they are steadily gaining momentum, but I'd love if I could help them gain even more traction! 

Tap the image to be taken to the campaign!

The game summary: 

SALTY HOUNDS   is an innovative bodyguards dating sim which combines adventure gameplay and otome VN in one package.

The player is put in charge of the private security company SALTY HOUNDS.  Explore the city in with charming bodyguards, manage your company, find new clients, call up your love interests and get close to them.

Reach one of many different endings through actions and choices!


They have an impressive preview available in the campaign bio of the voice acting, and gameplay looks great so far! I love the game mechanics, it's a lot to combine all of the aspects they put together and I am really excited to watch dev progress.

The kickstarter can be found here and their twitter is very active!

Thank you for being here!


Campaign metrics + another massive thank you!
10 months ago – Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 07:01:09 PM

Hi everyone! 

I am so shocked and happy to announce that we are quickly approaching 50% funding of the base goal at 100 backers!! 🎉🎉

I want to share a bit about how things are looking math-wise, hopefully to the excitement of everyone! I myself am very excited! 

The first thing is that, given the average pledge amount, it's likely we will hit campaign goal right around 260 backers. That's only about 35 more than the first one wound up with total, so I think it's really feasible now that we are at 100! If the pledge avg keeps dropping steeply, it will take around 300-330 (given the 3 "create your own character" rewards sold out quickly, it's a given that the avg will drop!)

After that, each stretch goal will likely take between 25-50 additional backers (since not all SGs are the same cost).  The Fever Dream Edition version of the game would be another ~130 backers on top of it! In total, we would likely be able to unlock all the way through FDE with 570-600 total backers as long as we keep roughly the same pledge average. Since the DLCs will still happen, their speed just depends on campaign progress, I am not super pressed about that - but FDE definitely depends on this KS's success. I don't know about you, but that has me incredibly hopeful! Not to mention that the preorder store will be available afterwards on Backerkit, which will include all of the same add-ons and reward tiers that have not sold out.

As far as work for myself and staff post-campaign, in keeping up with the estimated timeline, the artists and I need a break for a bit lol. To elaborate on the art portion of what is slated to occur in October, while I work on setting up backerkit right afterwards, I will be organizing spreadsheets of everything necessary from Franky (Sasamekuh - sprites) and Luciana (LoveeDreams - CGs). I will contact the BG artists for the custom BGs once the spreadsheets are finished and have been sent off, but Franky especially I want to give a good break since the demo sprites took a lot of effort in a short timeframe! Both of them have their own businesses on top of being freelance (Franky runs a shop, and Luciana is also an otome game dev. Check out Visuki otomes in the app/play store!) so they have a lot to do. 💗

During that, I won't be doing a lot else otherwise, since everything is pretty much all set up already for my cat paw pt.2 KS launching later in the Fall (gotta keep merch going! This is business is still my only job). 

Thank you all so so much! We definitely can do this, at the very least we will hit base goal at this rate.

Much love to everyone, stay safe!