Apocalyptic Dream: 18+ Otome in Zombie Apocalypse

Created by Midnight Springs Deco

Preorder store for ApoYume! This is to help unlock stretch goals along the way for the game's production. A physical items preorder store will be available via Etsy soon! Profits from those sales will go towards unlocking these goals as well. **PLEASE NOTE: due to BK transaction fees and shipping costs not initially being counted in these goals (but are now lumped together via this platform), these goalposts are a bit short of what it will actually take to unlock each one.** *1ST STRETCH - UNLOCKED!* •2nd outfits for main cast •Pajamas for main cast •Additional hairstyles for zombie bases * 2ND STRETCH - UNLOCKED! * •Bonus epilogue chapter. •Elderly and child zombie sprite bases. (Currently only adults are included) •Underwear for twins and LIs (self-funded if not reached) 3RD STRETCH - reached at $23,100 •9 additional tracks to OST - 1 theme per LI. Backers would all receive this for free with the original 6 included. 4TH STRETCH - reached at $25,700 •JP voice recording of all sound bytes. •11x14" Sayuri print with zombie. 5TH STRETCH - reached at $27,700 •Bonus unlockable flashback chapter following Noah at start of outbreak (longer than most unlockables included in game by default. Also comes with CG). •Sprites for unlockable flashback chapters already included in base game of childhood versions of main cast. •HANAKO LI ROUTE FOR MIKURU. •Partial animation for several backgrounds. 6TH STRETCH - reached at $36,200 •Fever Dream Edition! Experience ApoYume as a bizarre dark humor hellscape with pink blood and semi-fashionable zombies. Rated T rather than M. •New merch and add-ons possible in the theme of the new version's colorways. •10 new ID card slots become available. •New graffiti slots become available, if sold out. •This is an entirely new, separate game, it can be swapped out for a key to the original title but will not come as a free bonus. 7TH STRETCH - reached at $39,100 •Expedited completion of DLCs! In DLC 1, survive as Chloe, a survivor stuck at uni with 2 of her peers and a professor. In DLC 2, survive as Suguri, a nurse with her coworker and a patient who arrived at the hospital with his sickly girlfriend. If this is unlocked, backers all will receive the DLCs for FREE. If we somehow pass all before the game's completion, we will see about releasing full Japanese translation as a patch down the line.

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Happy New Year! 2022's last update
about 1 month ago – Sun, Jan 01, 2023 at 04:01:50 PM

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November Update
2 months ago – Sat, Dec 03, 2022 at 01:11:03 AM

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Happy Halloween!
3 months ago – Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 04:33:16 PM

Hope you are all safe and sound (and warm)! 

"Spooky Season" is my favorite season, I hope it is treating you all well.

Best wishes, everyone! 


September + October update
3 months ago – Wed, Oct 26, 2022 at 03:44:32 AM

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October update is delayed
4 months ago – Tue, Oct 11, 2022 at 03:12:39 AM

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