Apocalyptic Dream: 18+ Otome in Zombie Apocalypse

Created by Midnight Springs Deco

Preorder store for ApoYume! This is to help unlock stretch goals along the way for the game's production. A physical items preorder store will be available via Etsy soon! Profits from those sales will go towards unlocking these goals as well. **PLEASE NOTE: due to BK transaction fees and shipping costs not initially being counted in these goals (but are now lumped together via this platform), these goalposts are a bit short of what it will actually take to unlock each one.** *1ST STRETCH - UNLOCKED!* •2nd outfits for main cast •Pajamas for main cast •Additional hairstyles for zombie bases * 2ND STRETCH - UNLOCKED! * •Bonus epilogue chapter. •Elderly and child zombie sprite bases. (Currently only adults are included) •Underwear for twins and LIs (self-funded if not reached) 3RD STRETCH - reached at $23,100 •9 additional tracks to OST - 1 theme per LI. Backers would all receive this for free with the original 6 included. 4TH STRETCH - reached at $25,700 •JP voice recording of all sound bytes. •11x14" Sayuri print with zombie. 5TH STRETCH - reached at $27,700 •Bonus unlockable flashback chapter following Noah at start of outbreak (longer than most unlockables included in game by default. Also comes with CG). •Sprites for unlockable flashback chapters already included in base game of childhood versions of main cast. •HANAKO LI ROUTE FOR MIKURU. •Partial animation for several backgrounds. 6TH STRETCH - reached at $36,200 •Fever Dream Edition! Experience ApoYume as a bizarre dark humor hellscape with pink blood and semi-fashionable zombies. Rated T rather than M. •New merch and add-ons possible in the theme of the new version's colorways. •10 new ID card slots become available. •New graffiti slots become available, if sold out. •This is an entirely new, separate game, it can be swapped out for a key to the original title but will not come as a free bonus. 7TH STRETCH - reached at $39,100 •Expedited completion of DLCs! In DLC 1, survive as Chloe, a survivor stuck at uni with 2 of her peers and a professor. In DLC 2, survive as Suguri, a nurse with her coworker and a patient who arrived at the hospital with his sickly girlfriend. If this is unlocked, backers all will receive the DLCs for FREE. If we somehow pass all before the game's completion, we will see about releasing full Japanese translation as a patch down the line.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

November Progress Update (Both Dev and Merch Info)
8 days ago – Sun, Nov 28, 2021 at 09:15:56 AM

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Surveys locking in ONE WEEK! (10/20) + 2nd stretch goal UNLOCKED
about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 02:43:02 PM

Hi everyone! Here is likely the only October update.


In 1 week I will be locking the filled-out surveys through backerkit so far. This is so that I can start fulfillment for the physical items soon, based on the reserved counts thus far, and will have adequate stock counts for when the Etsy preorder store opens (EU/UK). The preorder store for the rest of the world will remain open through most of dev. Both will be the main source of any continued fundraising in hopes of reaching other stretch goals, though I will still be taking 10% of funds raised from ApoYume section of my storefront and putting it towards the game's assets.

Currently I have just under 100 remaining orders for the bat bags to fulfill, which should be done before the 25th. Once that is all out and I've had a chance to catch my breath (packing so much so quickly has been really physically painful), I will reopen the Etsy and launch my new independent storefront as previously planned. 

Stretch goals

SG 2 was reached from the survey choices on Backerkit! Enough people opted to add on additional extras that the following was officially unlocked

Bonus epilogue chapter. Experience a sneak peek at what is going on elsewhere in the world...and get a glimpse at a potential spin-off!

•Elderly and child zombie sprite bases. Now, zombie models will also come in 60+ year old and elementary/middle school stature. 

•Underwear for twins and LIs. This would have been self-funded if not reached, so thank you very much for saving my pockets there! 

The next stretch goal to reach would be an extension of the OST to 15 tracks - each LI would get their own "theme" that plays during LI-route-specific scenes. This extended OST would remain free to all KS and preorder store backers which is a steal! This would unlock in around $2,000 - the calculations are a bit unpredictable to me due to the fee differences across KS and backerkit, that it counts dropped pledges still, as well as what % of the amount raised would now be going to shipping costs. But I can definitely say that once this hits around $23,500, it is definitely funded. 


Currently near the end of sampling are a few things that have been a long time coming/worked on: Airi's 1st sweater, Airi's 2nd sweater, and Chloe's shirt and septum ring. Chloe is the main character (playable) for the university survivors DLC. She went to high school and college back in the US with Airi, and they both decided to study abroad together. Since the DLCs are planned for certain (the stretch goal to fund them would just really help me out and speed them up), her sprite art will be done after the main characters + backer sprites, but before side characters, to help advertise her apparel. 

Here is her septum ring sample (pictured is faux): 

She will be wearing the gunmetal version, I am still debating offering the rhodium variant at all.

I designed her shirt in 2019 and the first prototype is in the mail to me right now. Airi's 1st sweater I designed early last year and is still in sampling. Her 2nd sweater is a more recent design from this year.

All of these things will be in the preorder stores when samples are finalized/arrived to me. The preorder store doesn't allow for the (normal) structure of unlocking stretch goals, where x goal reached means y things are unlocked. Instead, "stretch goals" are unlocked by x number of orders. That doesn't work for the main stretch goals, but works perfectly for reaching production cost for things like these. 


Emails about every asset have been sent; some things have been paid for, some I am still in queue for.   

5 CGs are currently in progress, Hanako and Kiriko's sprites are in progress. Once those two sprites are finished, backer ID cards will be focused on in bulk before resuming main character sprites, so if you paid for an ID, please fill out the form you were sent!    

Starting next update I will be doing monthly ones that are backer-only and sharing the same progress bits as I am with the discord, to keep everyone up to speed in an organized fashion.     

Thanks again everyone!

All surveys have been sent! Preorder store is open!
2 months ago – Fri, Oct 01, 2021 at 09:51:18 PM

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Timeline update; Funds are in!
2 months ago – Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 02:43:37 AM

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Thank you!!! Here's the full game plan for the next month. (Very long update!!)
3 months ago – Mon, Sep 06, 2021 at 04:03:09 PM

WE DID IT!!! 🎉🎉🎉 This was all thanks to you, pledges big and small!! As long as the largest pledges do not error, we made it to less than $1k before hitting SG 2, so I am confident it will be reached on Backerkit!


Currently, there seem to be no issues with being able to adhere to the projected timeline, though that may change.  


I am mostly functionally recovered from surgery now! I can lift things over 10lbs, take walks, stay awake longer than 8hrs a day...lol. I will still be taking a vacation for 2 weeks this month (ending October 2nd) because I ended up working through my entire surgery recovery. Most of those 2 weeks will be what is touched on below under "backerkit," so I will only be working Mondays and Fridays during my break. After that will be fulfillment for the prior KS as things were unfortunately delayed (unless they arrive before I leave, which will then be quite the hustle), then proceeding with the rest of the planned timeline.


During the 2 weeks that Kickstarter collects pledges (any errored pledges have only 7 days to fix them through KS, but it is possible to fix them through Backerkit later) and then processes the deposit, I will be:  

• Setting up the Backerkit functions and preparing surveys (actual import to the system will happen around the 20th; surveys will go out around the 21st)
 • Getting the preorder store ready
 • Reaching out to those who paid for cameos in the game (ID, custom char, zombie, etc) and sending forms to fill out
 • Compiling spreadsheets for the artists on what exactly needs to be done for everything, for another updated quote
 • Contacting the composer, TAMA
 • Reaching back out to my singer for the Kikuo track (will be revealed once cover is complete!)  

...and more.  

The preorder store will be open likely until BETA is released for the game in the hopes of reaching the remaining stretch goals. It will be for the digital rewards only, as the physical rewards will be in ApoYume sections of my shops (main store, plus the Etsy for EU and UK). It can be nerve-wracking keeping track of stock with items on multiple storefronts already, so a third for the physicals would be too much.  

However! Physical items in the campaign will still be "secretly" available on backerkit, to those who already backed on Kickstarter. Once you fill out your survey you can add them on to your initial order if desired, before surveys are locked.

I will consider closing the preorder store once the remaining physical rewards have arrived in stock and all have shipped out to those backers, IF the stretch goals have already all been met. There will be multiple announcements before I 1) lock surveys, 2) charge cards, and 3) lock addresses so make sure to keep an eye on the email associated with your Kickstarter account!


Discord invites will be sent to all backers with non-errored pledges in around 24hrs, and to backers with errored pledges after they are adjusted. Backers with dropped pledges will not receive discord invites unless you contact me beforehand about fixing it on BK later. I had polled my twitter audience on which new channel they'd like to see most for the server, so "character discussions" has been added and will be available.

I did more fiddling around with Naninovel a couple weeks ago, and an updated demo hosted on Itch.io (instead of CN) is likely feasible by sometime in January...likely. My inability to stick to strict deadlines is due to my poor health and not my motivation, so I can't say for sure whether that will happen on time. At that point is when I will actually add Sayaka, as adding her to the CN version would be redundant at this point. I am immensely grateful for everyone who has played through the current demo.

If you are concerned that I may have missed something relevant to your pledge, please message me! It is more-than-likely included in the "and more." :P there are so many things to be done in the first month post-campaign...so many.  

I am happy to announce too that all my Kickstarter campaigns in the future will be in some way involved with my game projects:  the upcoming cat bags will be on an important side character I have been designing in secret for the past few months, donning all my black cat merch; the varsity jackets campaign next year will include an old prototype design of mine redesigned her jacket as well as Arisa's 2nd outfit bomber jacket and Ryuu's sukajan; a bag Kiriko will be wearing in her 2nd outfit will be a campaign after that. I'll be significantly scaling down non-KS, non-ApoYume shop operations next year as planned so that I can focus more on the dev. 💪


It seems now that I'm looking at it that there were some people who backed the merch-only tier without adding anything, likely under the impression they would still get the sticker solo. That is probably my fault due to the wording of the tier:  


The tier was only intended for people who wanted to add physical items to the $1, and in that case, the sticker would be included. The sticker is not included in the $1, so I should not have included it as a bulleted item, and instead stipulated such. As per the 8th update:

"[...] for anyone who pledged Full Game+ by itself, or just some vinyl stickers from the merch only tier, you won't be charged extra shipping as it's built in (envelope postage)".  

What the $1 is for is just envelope postage after taking into account both kickstarter and backerkit fees, only if you get other stickers added to it. If you did not add anything else to the tier you are not eligible for the sticker, but can get it via the add-ons available through the survey if you want to! Add-ons including stickers and other items (or just other items) mean the shipping billed via BK is just a smidge cheaper due to the $1 included already.  

I am very sorry for any confusion.

Thank you! 

I have always taken customer service, fulfillment, and customer satisfaction very seriously with my business, and this will be no exception. So please, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to message me through KS and I will reply ASAP. 

Thank you all again so much for believing in this!